Ghost Story

Look at the face in the window behind my daughter and my grandkids.  Also, the baby, Ariel seems to be looking at an orb.
     1987 was the year my Mom and Dad passed away. My Mom was the last to pass on. She passed at home in her bed. It was a shock to my brothers and me; we had just lost our dad a month before. I moved back to our family home, the place my Mom died. It took a while for me to be able to go into the house. There was an odor that came to me, a hard to describe odor, every time I tried to open the door. It didn't matter how windy, the odor was there. I even smelled this odor one day at work. I finally aired the house out, it was January, with the advice of a friends Grandmother and the odor was gone.
     I moved in with my two kids and soon to be husband Denny and began to put the pieces back together. It was good to be back home. However, there were some things that my son and daughter told me that made me think...perhaps Mom and Dad never left.
     Matt would say, Mom, there was a blue figure in my room last night. I would say what did it do? He would say it just sat on the bottom of my bed. I told him not to be afraid, that it was probably grand pop being his guardian angel. He would smile and say Really? As time as went on, there have been many sightings by the kids and Denny, but not me. I have always explained it that Mom and Dad knew I was a big scaredy cat and they wouldn't want me to be scared. However there have been times, times when I am feeling low, I have felt my Mom around me. I think she even touched me one time. She stroked my arm as to say everything is going to be alright.
     My grandkids have felt them too. When they were just toddlers they would stand in the hallway and look back at her room and just smile and talk baby talk. Like they were looking at someone. I would say look, they must see Mom or Dad.
     Pictures taken at my house usually reveal orbs. Now you could say it's the camera, but this has been over the years and not with the same cameras. We have several pictures. We laugh now and say look Mom or Dad wanted to be in the picture.

     We had Trinity's birthday party, who was born on Christmas, with a bunch of her little friends and some family one year. It was a great party, but everyone who took pictures that day had either blurred or pictures that didn't turn out, even the digital cameras. It was really weird.